Our Philosophy

In our view, a solid financial future is built on the intelligent execution and integration of:

  • Financial Planning
  • Asset Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning

Individuals seeking coherent and coordinated solutions for their financial lives are often left to self-navigate through a bewildering landscape of brokers, accountants, attorneys, insurance and annuity salespeople and employer-sponsored retirement plans. Oftentimes, this leads to feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.

Few financial services firms have the structure and breadth of expertise to provide their clients with holistic solutions—BSSF Wealth prides itself on being one of them. As a fee-only firm, we honor our responsibility to always act in our clients’ best interests. BSSF Wealth does not receive any commission payments and does not pay referral fees to third parties.

Our Investment Process

Our goal is to help maximize our clients’ after-tax, risk-adjusted returns at the portfolio level. We build portfolios that are customized for each of our clients, based on risk exposures with which they are comfortable.

Our primary focus in portfolio construction is asset allocation and sector weighting. We believe those factors (U.S. vs. overseas, stocks vs. bonds, technology vs. energy, etc.) drive returns more than manager or fund selection.

We tend to prefer passive strategies, given their greater tax efficiency and lower fees relative to the majority of their actively managed peers. However, BSSF Wealth employs active managers for select investment mandates where we look to use managers who have outperformed their benchmarks over long time horizons.

For larger clients, we offer separately managed accounts which enable greater portfolio customization (e.g., socially responsible mandates) and maximum tax-loss harvesting.

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