Estate Planning Personalized for You

Our estate planning process begins with our knowledge and understanding of our clients, as well as their goals for their legacy. Using gifting strategies, charitable planning, and trusts, we help our clients to preserve their assets across generations.

Collaborating with Trusted Advisors on Your Estate Plan

BSSF Wealth will collaborate with your attorney, trust company and tax team to coordinate estate planning documents, including wills, trusts, advance directives, as well as health care and general powers of attorney.

We believe by working alongside your team of advisors, we can ensure that your assets are transferred to your designated heirs in the smoothest and most tax-efficient manner possible. BSSF Wealth will be there to help ensure that you plan remains updated and reflects changes in tax laws, as well as your life circumstances.

Working with BSSF Wealth on Your Estate Plan

BSSF Wealth has offices in Camp Hill, Hanover, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as well as Westminster and Frederick, Maryland. We are well-positioned to create personalized estate plans for clients in the Mid-Atlantic region.

With BSSF Wealth, our clients receive two decades of wealth management expertise and a firm that puts our clients’ interests first. As a fee-only firm, we are only compensated for our advisory services. We do not receive commission payments from clients or vendors. We take our fiduciary standard seriously and make recommendations to our clients with their best interests in mind.

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